Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...Really

Yes, it's Wordless Wednesday......Crystal has strep throat. She went to the Dr.'s this morning and that was his pronouncement. She's feeling really awful so if you don't see her around for awhile, you'll know why....poor thang....Momma'll have to make her some soup. So, y'all try to stay well. The Dr. said he didn't know Why, but always, at this time of the year, he sees Tons of cases of strep. Not a good thing. Have a happy and safe night!!


Christine said...

Awww darn :( Warm wishes and speedy recovery to Crystal! Strep throat is evil!

Love the picture, such a sweet face!

Donna said...

Christine- Strep IS evil!! We can't figure out where she came in contact with it...Have a happy evening sweetie!!

jenn said...

Give her a hug for me, and tell her I miss her!

jenn said...

Tell her I love her, too, and that she wouldn't be sick if she wasn't kissin' them boys! LOL!!

Donna said...

Hi Donna,
So sorry to hear Crystal has strep throat, hope she gets well soon and can enjoy Memorial Day weekend.
Can't believe it's here already!

Sally said...

Aw gosh, that's terrible. I wish her well SOON!!!!!! And, I hope none of y'all get it; can't remember if it's contagious. Tell me, nurse Donna. ((HUGS))

Donna said...

I know how much it hurts! Hope the medicine gets her feeling better very, very soon!

Unknown said...


I hope Crystal feels better soon. I used to be the queen of throat illnesses and it's no fun. Did they give her antibiotics? I hope she's feeling great by the weekend. Hey, thanks for all of your kind comments about the baby. We are all so excited but a little tired. LOL

Donna said...

Jenn-LOL...ain't it the truth!!LOL..I'll tell her...Have a Healthy night sweetie!!hughugs

Donna-She's already feeling better..the antibiotics have already started to kick in. A Relief!! Happy night sweetie!!hughugs

Sally- Oh a big way! She's on the antibiotics now and doesn't have any fever now..Thats a Good thing. You need to be fever free for at least 48hrs before it's no longer contagious. And she's been fever free for almost that. I had started her on amoxicillin 500mg yesterday. The Doc gave her more today so she's set. Lots of hand washing going on around here!LOL...night love!hughugs

Donna- Well, if you've ever had it, you know how she feels...not fun! Take care sweetie and have a happy night!!hughugs

Joan- No problem! New Babies are Always something to get excited about!! And may I repeat myself by saying, she's Beautiful!! Now go get some rest!!lol!! hughugs

Brenda said...

I've only had that a time or two and I begged for the doc to just shoot me to put me outta misery. Hot toddies are pretty soothing, Hot water, a load of fresh lemon juice with a shot of whiskey or brandy and a little sugar to take away the bite. It seems to cut some of the crud in the throat.

Donna said...

Brenda- Thanks sweetie...I've never had it but she looks like hell...But she says she's feeling better...thank goodness! Have a peaceful night!!hughugs

Dawn said...

I am glad that the antibiotics are starting to kick in. I sure hope she is feeling better soon, especially for Memorial Day weekend.

*HUGS for both of you*

Faery said...

Hello Donna! i'm sorry to hear (read) that your doughter is sick I hope she gets better soon.
I love that picture

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

I am sure you filled her up with plenty of your good home cooking. Hoping that she is feeling better soon. Strep is a nasty and dangerous illness. Hugs for Crystal and for you for being such a good Mommy.

Donna said...

Dawn-Thanks sweetie! Hope your holiday is a fun one!!hughugs

Faery- Thanks! I love the dog...Have a wonderful day!!hughugs

Blondie- She's feeling almost normal...What??LOL...Well you know what I mean......Thanks Sweetheart!! Hope you have a Happy holiday!!hughugs

Brit. (lille meg) said...

I hope Crystal soon will be good.
It is a terrible thing to have streps.
Good to see that the medicin seems to work.
In Norway we say "god bedring".
"Be well" or something like that in your language.
Have a nice day!):

Donna said...

Lille-Thanks sweetie!! She's already feeling better!! Happy day!!hughugs