Saturday, January 31, 2009

Toys and Friends...

Well, it's Saturday!! Hubby and I have been up since 5am...Gads. Oh well, I got up and put the coffee on, made scrambled eggs with tomatoes and bacon...loaded the dishwasher and went to get dressed. After lingering over several cups of coffee, we decided it was time to hit the road. We had serious shopping to get done and wanted to get In and Out of the stores, quickly! We can Not stand throngs of people...We hit the HEB food store, Walmart and Books A Million, then headed home...By 10am, we were Through! Nice!
When we got in the house, Hubby looked out the kitchen window and said our "visitor" was back...Sure enough, Buster The Cat was sleeping in one of our patio chairs! Well, this was Surely a Kodak moment!LOL...Poor's a stray but likes to visit. I keep a bowl of water on the patio and occasionally just a "little" food for him...or her. My KiKi passed over several years ago (black cat) and I never wanted another...And I Still don't, BUT...Hahaa....
I also wanted an IPod Touch charger with speakers. Cool item. Did you know...if you have an IPod Touch, you can turn it into a Phone?? Yes! You have to get a service I suppose, through the internet...and somehow, can use it as a phone! I was listening to the Kim Komando computer program while typing this post and that's what She said! I'll have to research it.
Well, guess I'll get busy making me a cuppa Coffee!!LOL...WHAT??!!!...I need the stuff to keep up with all the new techie stuff...You think "they'll" tax THAT TOOOOO???....GEEZ! Heard about Tom Dashle??? Over $100,000.00 in UnPaid back TAXES!!! What a group of people to feel Proud about....goodgrief.
Happy day or night everyone!!