Sunday, January 25, 2009

Feathered Friends...

Nothing exciting going on here! Just getting all the laundry done and getting things ready for work tomorrow. Hubby made a wonderful stew for that means I'll be eating it for lunch tomorrow. No problem there! I think it'll be cold again and something hot to eat is always welcomed.
I wandered around outside this afternoon and remembered I had a bag of birdseed in the garden storage cabinet...went to check it out and the date was still good on the bag so I dumped it all in an empty planter by the birdbath...Hahaa...I have feeders but being in the mode of "domestic goddess", I just dumped it all in the planter....WHAT??!!!LOL....Oh well. Now the birds can All get something to eat...all at once....LOL....geez...I'm going in for another cuppa coffee. Have a Wonderful night and I'll talk at you later!!


Brenda said...

We planted so many sunflowers last year that I don't think our birds are going hungry yet. Odie is a very picky eater so anything he doesn't eat in his food dish gets tossed out for the wild birds. I'll probably have corn, peanuts, and no telling what else growing in my yard come Spring. :-)

I made shrimp and sausage gumbo for suppah, it was mighty fine!

Donna said...

Brenda- OhMy!! That gumbo sounds heavenly!!! Sweet Odie! You need to take his picture and post it soon! He's a cutie!
Happy sleep sweetie!hughugs

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ahhhh a lovely bowl of hot stew would be lovely we have had such hot weather I am over it!!
38 AND 39(100-ISH FOR YOU)
And I am looking forward to some winter-ness soon

JunieRose2005 said...


That sounds like a good way to feed the birds to me!

AHHH- anytime a husband cooks something- well- that's a GOOD THING!
I ALWAYS praise whatever it is- so as to keep him cooking in the future! hahaha


Sally said...

I used to have a husband who cooked - yep, that famous chicken pot pie. That's the only thing I miss about him. hahahahaha

I'll see you next weekend!! ((HUGS))

Amanda said...

Your lucky to have a husband that cooks for you! LOL!!
We love feeding the birds ~ we have some swans in a little pond nearby that we like to visit with some bread.
Amanda x

Donna said...

Cupcake- GoodNess! That's Hot! I remember it Well!hahaa..Stay cool sweetie!hughugs

Junie-So glad you agree with me!Hahaa...I was just too pooped to do anything else! Happy day sweetie! And I Always praise hubby's cooking!! I Not Stupid!!Haha...hughugs

Sally Girl-Hahaa...You'd think he'd have at Least left you the recipe!!! And Bring it girlie!!!hughugs

Amanda- Swans?? WoW! How wonderful is That!!! I love swans!! Happy day sweetie!hughugs

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a lovely feeling when you've fed the birds and then move away to secretly watch them enjoying your kindness. We have 2 bird feeders and I love filling them up!

CJ xx

dabrah said...

I don't think it's possible to overfeed birds. The more food you put out, the more they eat, and the more of their friends they bring along too.

Donna said...

Crystal- Now if Only they'd hold still so I could get their picture!haha...Happy sleep sweetie!hughugs

Dabrah- Good! I put out 10lbs in one spot!Hahaa...Happy sleep sweetie!hughugs

Tabitha said...

The birds round your way are sure lucky to have you!!!!!
Hope that the stew warmed you up!
Have a great day/night??? (I live in contant confusion about what time it is with you ~ I must start checking your clock when I come over ha ha !!!)
Love and big hugs Tabitha XXXXX

Daniela said...

HI Donna, I wanted to hop on over here and let you know that I mentioned you in my most recent post. I hope that's ok. Have a good night sweetie.

jenn said...

I love the new picture.

Anonymous said...

I would think the birds don't really care if the stuff is in the feeder or in an empty planter... as long as they can get to it!
Last winter I found a bag of birdseed I had forgotten I had, but a mouse had found it! He didn't get all of it, though. It wasn't usable as bird food, but we used it during an ice storm for traction. It worked!
(I keep the birdseed in plastic tubs now)

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh i have been putting out the seeds today as well, with the snow we had the birds are really sitting out there trying to find food

Brit. (lille meg) said...

I am sure the birds was happy to get all this food! Well done!
Thank you for your kind comment to me. Have a wonderful day!

Lucy said...

I suppose the birds don't mind where their food is served. I agree is is fun to trow out the food and then watch from afar. That strew sound very yummy. My husband has cooked our dinners lately but the poor darling serves up the same over and over. I am grateful and after a long day at work it still tastes good.
Love and hugs XXXXOOOO

Donna said...

Tabitha- Hi Sweetie! Hahaa..I'm about 6 hours Behind you!so right now, it's about 5am here and it should be about 11am there...So, hope you are having a great lunch!!hahaa...hughugs

Daniela- I DID!!! How Wonderful the photo Is!! And thanks for the mention sweetie!! Happy day to you!!hughugs

Jenn- Thanks Sugar!! Hope Ryan is doing better and things have settled down for you!!!hughugs

Jazzi-Hahaa...sounds like me! I Need to get a new tub for storage. Winter then Summer over and over again and my other plastic bin busted...Have a wonderful day sweetie!!hughugs

Lilli- I Know!! I saw your pictures! Try to stay warm sweetheart!!hughugs

Lille- Me Too!Hahaa...but it's Still just sitting out there! Don't know where those darn birds went!! Happy day to you!!hughugs

Donna said...

Lucy-LOL...I guess we were typing at the Same Time!! Hope you have some coffee?!! I do! Just up early checking the blog and getting ready for work! And Yes! Thank heavens for hubbys that COOK!!Haaaa...Happy day sweetie!!hughugs

Unknown said...

I just put out the birdseed from the Fall. They are probably having a tough time finding food in all of this snow.