Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to Put a You Tube Video in Your Post

Tabitha said she needed a little instruction on how to upload a You Tube video onto her blog...This always works for me...So come on Girl, gird your loins and lets begin:

1. Go to YouTube-Broadcast Yourself website
2. At the top of page, type in your search
3. Click on it...it will play while you are customizing it.
4. On the Right side of your screen, you will see URL & Embed boxes. You want the Embed box.
5. See the small square box to the right of the Embed box?? It looks like a small circle with tiny spokes sticking out of it...Click on it!
6. A drop down box will appear for you to start customizing.
7. First of all, Un-check the box that says "include all related videos"(sometimes nasty videos show up!)
8. Next is "Show border"...that's up to you.
9. Now you see all the colored boxes? That's the color the bar will be on your video. Pick any color you like. I picked green for this video...See it?
10. Next is the Size of the video box will be...This is new so I'd pick the 425X344 to begin with...Click once on it. (As time goes on, you may want to change the size...up to you).
11. NOW...Go back up to the EMBED BOX...Left click on the code until it turns blue...now...Right click on your mouse and copy the code.
12. Now, minimise the You Tube screen and go to your blog posting area.
13. Go to New Post
14. See on the top of the posting box? You'll see Edit HTML and Compose tabs.
15. Click on EDIT HTML
16. Position your cursor over the posting area
17. Right click and PASTE the code
18. Hit ENTER once or twice and write your post
19. When you are through writing you post, click on PREVIEW...Your Video should come up...If you're happy with it, Click on the HIDE PREVIEW and hit PUBLISH.
20. That's It!
If anyone else wants to copy this, feel free to do so!
I really hope this helps you Tabitha! When I first got started blogging, there were SO many things to learn!...and NO MANUEL!LOL...Just Jose....Hahahaa......If it doesn't work...you can find me in Tahiti...somewhere!


nonizamboni said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Just stopped by to say hello and was blown away by all the beauty and the music. Thanks SO much for making my day!

Donna said...

Hi Noni! Thank You sweetie! Hope all is Warm for you!!hughugs

Sally said...

Wow - you are one smart cookie! I know Tabitha will appreciate all your hard work!

Someday, when I get rich and off dial-up, I'll come back and re-read this.

That would be the day my knight in shining armor rides in on a white horse and sweeps me up!

With my luck, that would be when an old guy MY age rides in on a mule, broke, wanting me to share Jose'. :)

Donna said...

Hahahaaaa Ah Sally Girl! Don't you DARE let him have Jose! Old? Old? Right...then I must be ancient!Hahaa...I Do see a man coming for you though....!!! Handsome, he will be!...Hummmmmm!
I'm worried 'bout Miz Brenda...I just heard there's blackouts in Arkansas because of the ice storm!
Happy sleep sweetie!hughugs

Donna said...

I'm going to have to try this! Thanks for the help because I had no clue either!

Anvilcloud said...

That's pretty thorough. I've just been copying and pasting the basic code. I hadn't noticed the other options.

Brenda said...

I like Youtube, pretty cool stuff on there.

Didja get any ice down there?

Happy Thursday!

Donna said...

Donna- Good!! Glad I could help! It's really a Lot easier than it sounds!! Don't work too hard sweetie!hughugs

Ac- Yes, I got to playing around with it one day after I saw another blogger had a blue bar on their video...Stay in and stay warm!!hughugs

Brenda- !!! I wondered if you were in a blackout because of the ice storm!! We heard about it on the news last night...and yes, especially on the bridges! A car threw on his brakes right in front of me and spun out...he missed me...Geez! Can you tell Texans don't know how to drive on ice??? hughugs

Tabitha said...

Hi there Donna,
At last I have kept my eyes open long enough to come visit you ha ha !!
Thank you soooooooooo much for this ~ I am going to print this off and have a go over the weekend ~ I am sure there is something else on youtube that I want to put on my blog tee hee!!
You are so good doing this for me ~ I am sure there are lots more things that I can't do ~ so I will be back over with a list tee hee!!
Take care dear friend, love and big hugs Tabitha XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Donna said...

Tabitha- You are More than welcome! I enjoy helping when I can...Hope you are feeling better today! I guess it's time for you to go to bed!hahaa...Happy sleep sweetie!hughugs

Unknown said...

Hi Donna,

Thanks! I never knew this.

Anji said...

Thank you it's always been a mystery to me. thanks for all your visits too, I do appreciate them!

Donna said...

Joan- You're Welcome. Happy and Warm weekend!!hughugs

Anji- It was to me Too!hahaa..I love your blog sweetie! Happy weekend!hughugs

Brit. (lille meg) said...

Nice movie! Thank you for this, and for telling us how to pass it on.
Have a very nice weekend!

Donna said...

Lilli- No problem sweetie! Enjoy!hughugs