Friday, August 28, 2009


It's Friday! Lordy, I've been looking forward to today for Four Whole Days!Hahaa....I'm here to report that Tim is now Finally home! He is still sick to his stomach a bit...probably too much pain medication and not enough food, but at least the healing can commence. Thank you all for the prayers and love you show my family!!! You are All, friends....<3

Progress on the house is slow but coming along nicely. I'll have pictures maybe tomorrow. I was just messing around with a photo I took of some flowers a while back...Just thinking about next weeks Color Purple Challenge...Pitiful isn't it?!!!Hahaaa....I just wanted to let you all know that Tim was now home...I'm gonna be a weenie and call it a night. My eyes feel like sand paper...Sweet dreams everyone OR enjoy that morning cup 'a Joe for me! I PROMISE I'll come for a visit tomorrow!!!