Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Red Update...and Love

Well, here's a little update on Red. He's my sister's horse. She rescued him almost eight or nine months ago from one of her business co-owners. He was near death and after Much worry, work and expense, he's now doing great! He's Not 100% yet, and may never be, but he has been out in the yard...being frisky! Wonderful. He has also gained back most of his body weight as well. A little can of beer in the evenings with his feed has also seemed to help....YES...I said a can of beer...LOL...makes a Lot of animals frisky!!lolol.....Anyway, If you're a bit down or sad today, just take a look at Red and remember, when things are or seem Really bad, they will get better....really. Much love from me...and Red, to you.