Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yesterday, I went to Barnes & Noble and bought this special edition of Prevention Magazine...It's a book. Now IF you were ME...and you were looking at this, doesn't it say...Eat To Boost Energy....EAT LOTS OF CHOCOLATE???? LOLHAhahaha...WHAT??!!!LOL...Oh Well, it doesn't BUT I was hoping! I've decided to follow Cindra's advice to GOMB...(get off my butt). Walk...When I worked in nursing, I remember I would have to walk in the office all day from patients room to room BUT I also had to do morning rounds for the Dr. I worked for, at the hospital. There was this Long hall in the basement that led to the basement of the hospital from our tower of Dr. offices...Had to be at least a mile coming and going; had to be fast so I could be back at the office to see the first patient of the day (OB-GYN). I miss that exercise. I was slim and toned and felt good! This book has a wonderful schedule to Walk Off Weight, and I'm going to get with it! I'm TIRED of not feeling good...GADS! I Now Need Prayer!!HAhaaaa...Happy day folks!