Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Brenda Photo Challenge (7-11-09)

Just WHO is going in for a CHOCOLATE BROWNIE??? Sneaky Shadow!!Hahahaa...Whudden ME!!
And here's something you don't see everyday...A Cuptowel Shadow!! Well, maybe you do...
And a Front Door shadow...I cheated on this one...I took it last year!
Well, these were my offerings...Just want to thank LYNN from Musings from the Texas Hill Country for hosting this round for us! I had fun with it.... Pop on over to The Brenda Photo Challenge Blog to see all the other entries!! I'm on My way! Happy Saturday everyone!


Joni said...

Your shadow shots look almost as terrific as that brownie...mmm.

Jeanette said...

Chocolate brownie shadow,now that's MY kind of shadow!! Love the door shadow. Great shots, Donna!

Jeanne said...

I expected to hear some "Jaws" type music as you went in for that brownie lol. Mmmm that chocolately goodness distracts me.

SOUL said...

i like your pix, and i KNOW i promised... i have been soooo busy , i would trade my life for a prisoner right now. at least they lounge around in a box all day.
monday we close on the house and hopefully things will settle down. oh right-- we have to pack and move-- who am i kidding??
anyhow-- i have things to do and places to go-- on my return-- which will most likely be around dinner time-- whatever that is. i will have pix. i really really mean it.
sad part? i missed a really cool shot the other day-- my little dog outside-- me inside-- and her shadow showing through the white curtain at sunrise. i was too lazy to get up. ok, i was too tired . ya that's it. :))
happy saturday.
catchya later

Brenda said...

Oh yeah, one of your shadows will be on my mind all day. Guess which one?
Great shots Miz Donna!!

Janice said...

Ooooh I want a brownie right now!!! LOL
Like the door shadow too!
Great Job!

Lynn said...

Who could notice a shadow when the brownie was right there ready for the eatin'. That is neat shot, though! I like the cup towel shot very much because it is one of those things you never notice, yet it comes out very interesting in a photo. The door shadow is cool.

Thanks for allowing me to host this challenge.

Al said...

Hi Donna, shadows were perfectly done with the brownies! Yummy! The last photo, the shadow shows a bit of the door design which makes more intriguing...hmmm.

Thanks for letting me join the challenge. I had so much fun!


Sherrie said...

Great Shadows! Maybe my shadow will creep in and steal a piece of that brownie. Have a great day!


Sally said...

Do you remember that old saying "Only the shadow knows"? Well, in this case I think the shadow after that brownie is YOU!!! That is SO NOT FAIR!!! Temptation is cruel. :)

Okay, I still love ya! Great shots, Donna! ((hugs))

Cindra said...

What shadows? All I'm seeing are visions of that wonderful chocolate brownie... is that my hand?

Karen M said...

Great pictures...I want a bite of the brownie but my fav is that last one. Good going!! You never disappoint.

♥Rosie♥ said...

Those shadow shots are just amazing Donna!! Well done sweetie hugshugs Rosie xoxox

SquirrelQueen said...

Yum, I love your choice of shadows. The last photo is so beautiful.

Have a great weekend,

Donna said...

I wish I had a chocolate brownie shadow! hahahaha!!!!!

Donna said...

What a CHEEKY bunch, you are!!!!Hahahaa...I DID NOT gobble down that BROWNIE!!!....WHAT???Hahahahaa...This was Fun!
Judy (The Road To Here) has accepted the Next Challenge....As Soon as I get her info, I'll post it!!
Happy Sunday or Monday to you all!!hughugs

Lilli & Nevada said...

Ok this is not fair to have all this wonderful looking food. Yummy yummy