Monday, August 1, 2011

A New Love, Found!

We got a chance to get out of town for a few days and gladly hauled butt!Hahaa.....I found a new love. Fresh Cherries! Oh my Goodness people! Why have I NOT noticed these gems before? Someone would ask if I'd like a cherry and the answer would Always be a resounding, NO! I do believe, that those old red ones in syrup, had ruined me when I was a kid and I never bothered trying the fresh cherry. What a loss for me. But, I have now jumped on the CherryWagon and I'll never look back. They taste like a cross between plums and tart cherries! Wonderful!
If you have never tried one...DO! If you like plums, you'll LOVE a fresh cherry!
Well, it's the start of the work week for us. Our front office guy, Ken, is on vacation this week so, it'll be a little busier for me, Crys and Hubby. Hope you all had a great weekend...I know we did.
I might be a bit late, but I'll be checking on you! Happy night (or day) to you!