Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Afternoon...

Hello again! Got to the bookstore...BAM...(Books a Million) and Ellani was already waiting for me in her car. We get inside the store and take care of the MOST important business first..."May I help you Mam?".....LOLHahaha....OoohYeah!!..."One grande Mocha please!".....then off we shuffle to our table. Instantly, we fell into our old, comfortable mode of chatter...saving the world and such....You know! Fun visit. And! While we visited, who should show up but??? Daughter and grandson!! I got some sweet "sugars" to go along with my mocha latte!

Here's the books I got from BAM: Ghost Among Us by James Van Praagh (here's a Video review LINK, given by him and hosted by Barns & Noble). It's about fifteen minutes long, so settle in with a cuppa coffee or tea. It's interesting...IF you are interested in spirituality and ghost...(DON'T Forget!!! If you listen to the link from my blog, go down and shut off my music box!)

The other book I got was Wordpress for Dummies!!LOL...I have my photo blog on Wordpress...Geez! It is HARD to learn!! Nothing like Blogger...which is Very user friendly! I use Wordpress because I can change the size of my photos easily within it...It's one of the First things I started learning about. Good book.

So, that's about it...Hubby's doing Ribs in the smoker today. I've been going in and out taking pictures for my cooking blog, which will get posted in a few days. Here's hoping your Saturday has been a fun and Happy one! Enjoy the weekend!

Yea !!! It's Saturday!!

I'm Off! To the bookstore in about fifteen minutes, to meet up with my sweet pal, Ellani. We haven't gotten together in a while. She called yesterday with the invite and I jumped at it! I'll do a better post when I get home. Ya'll have a wonderful morning and I'll talk at 'cha in a bit!