Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blu-Ray and Poirot

Well, today started off busy. Off Hubby and I, went to Sam's Club, to buy his late Christmas, early Valentine present. A flatscreen HDTV and a Blu-Ray DVD player. We got the TV at Sam's but they were out of the Blu-Rays so off we went to Best Buy. They only had the floor model in stock, so we grabbed it...quick! They are on back order by months, all over town! It is only eight months old, but $600.00 off!! Oh Yeah!! For those of you "out of country", in the US, people have to buy a digital TV by 2009. Analog TV's will no longer work on our airways. About all you'll be able to use them for (unless you have cable or satillite) will to be to play DVD's on. By 2012, I believe, even they won't work. Digital or nothing...Oh well. So took a few snaps of Best Buy, Hubby putting it all together (what a guy!) the finished result and last but not least, my Granbaby enjoying Hercule Poirot with me! We love to watch together...
Well, hope your day was fun and happy...and I'll talk at you tomorrow.
PS- I added a picture of the wall mount for the TV. If you already have a built in TV case, you can use any heavy duty mount to get around the problem of having a flat screen television added. The one we bought is a Cantilever LCD/Plasma Wall Mount. You can pull it out, left or right with ease.