Thursday, October 25, 2007

What a Full Moon!

Did you see that moon this morning? Beautiful! Driving to work at 6:30am, it literally "loomed" over me. When I moved, it followed. Really pretty. I expected it to open its eyes and smile at me! lol
Boy, that chili tasted great, and for tonight...gumbo. Had several request for the recipe and if you go back several post to the 23rd, you'll find it.
The temps are staying in the "pretty cool" zone lately. Nice. Hopefully Hubby can get a couple more windows changed out this weekend. Henry, our old buddy from high school, is coming in this weekend. Will be coming by Saturday so we need to feed him. You say, "all that food you've made, and you need to figure that one out?" Well of think there will be any left by Saturday? lol
Well, I guess I'll finish up my bit of stuff here at work. Y'all have a safe evening under this old moon and I'll talk at 'cha later.