Monday, March 14, 2016

Vanilla Visits...

 Well, it's time to get the homemade vanilla going.  I try to make enough to last the year.  Too easy!  Buy a fifth of vodka, 10 to 15 vanilla beans...slice beans straight down the middle and wiggle it open...drop into the vodka...close the cap and, wait...weeks...months...I gently shake it every few weeks to stir it.  When it's as dark and strong as you like it, start using it.  It's not an exact science.
 When Larry and I went to visit the kids in Magnolia, they took us to the CheeseCake Factory...You know, the place where Penny works (Big Bang).   Anyway, the food was terrific and pricey.  The cheesecake was wonderful!  Rich in so many ways!
 Can you say the babies miss their mom?  Oh's tough but we're slowly adjusting.
 Very fancy...outside and inside!
 But Lordy, the cheesecake was good!
AND the carrot cake...
Sorry for the dark photos...just too lazy to do the edits.  I have REALLY got to get with things!  Have you ever been tired of being tired?
Well, coming over to check on you all....Have a super day!