Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Loaded and Ready for Christmas!

OK...I think I'm done with the re-do...BUT! BEWARE! I reloaded my music box! STOP THAT! I heard those groans!!Hahaa... But! What's Christmas without a few tunes? I Just had to load Angel Eyes...I love that one. And, I had to have Silent Night by Sinead O'Conner!! I love her "breathy" version. BUT, if you don't like tunes played while you read, either turn down your volume or go to the bottom of this page and shut off my music box...sniff, sniff!LOL...Well, guess I'll go eat my supper of soup and crackers...You all have nice and cozy night!

Under Construction!!

The hunt is On for a Christmas background that I like! So hang in there! Just be careful while you rummage around in here...Hahaa...You don't want to trip over the mess! Later gang!