Wednesday, July 29, 2009

HR 3200 Health Care Idiots Plan

Over on my RANT blog, I put a link to the 1018 page bill that's causing a lot of upset...The Health Care Plan....Have You read it? Well, here's a link to "Isn't it Rich" blog...He's gotten to page 494 so far and written exactly what they mean in short snippets! Please Read them! One of my PERSONAL favorites, among Many, is on page 354..."Government will restrict enrollment of SPECIAL NEEDS individuals...." One of my sisters has Cerebral Palsey...What do we do with HER??!! Throw her into a GOVERNMENT INSTITUTION??? I'm REALLY pissed!!! Or how about the one on page 58? "Every person will be issued a personal Health Card"....OR page 22, you business owners..."MANDATES audits of ALL Employers that SELF-insure!!....GEZZUS!!
Page 102? Those eligible for MEDICARE will AUTOMATICALLY be enrolled; you have NO CHOICE!!!
I'm Really trying to read through this Horror....If you're against this thing, contact your Congressmen, Senators and State reps!