Friday, November 8, 2013

A Personal Photo Challenge (Textures)

The texture I chose is called Impressionista by MCP I believe....I've had it for a long while now so don't get me 'ta lying!  I throw all of my textures into one fat file.

This is a close-up of my granddaughter, Samantha sooc (straight out of camera).  Faces and macros, I believe, are two of my most fun types of shots to work with these days. Texturing can be fun too but I find I don't remember to use it very often.  Donna's challenge reminded me that I knew how to texture so...why not?!  I'm not proficient at it but I try.  Out came the refresher notes....dusted off and opened.  Slowly, memory started to take over. here is how I managed to accomplish adding my texture.
I used Photoshop Elements 9. 
First of all I cropped the photo to cut out the excess visual distractions then I did a little light tweaking.  Now I am ready to apply the texture...
Click File, click Place and your texture will be placed on top of your photo layer.  I centered it and clicked accept.  I then left the opacity at 100 and changed the layer from Normal to Soft light. 
I also don't like the texturing on a subject's skin so I had to clean it off!  To do that, I selected the texture layer, click it BACK to Normal...I now needed a medium skin tone to paint with, I chose a matching color...set the texture BACK to soft light and started painting the texture off of her skin. 
Thanks Donna for the texture challenge!  It was fun!  A texture adds a huge heaping amount of drama to any photo.  If you haven't tried this medium, you really need to! 
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