Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday...and She's back...

Crystal's back at work today...throat is 95% better. She insisted on coming in...that's just her. I think she should have spent another day at home, but, that's where that thing called power comes in...LOL...yeah.

Well, it's already Thursday. I got to work this morning and my computer went on the fritz again...The OS on this thing is Professional 2000. Getting a little old. I think WindowsXP would be wonderful but convincing Hubby is another story...Probably won't happen.

Cooking for the weekend holiday?? What 'cha making? I think I'll make up a barbecue "type" sauce for shish kabobs. I've got a good recipe at home for it. You make up the sauce, cube the meat and veggies; soak them in the sauce overnight then grill 'em the next day. Geez, it's good.But that only takes care of one day....for a three day weekend. And you can't forget dessert!! Cheesecake anyone??? I'd better get my thinking cap on!
Y'all take care and have a wonderful night and I'll talk to you tomorrow...
PS- Go take a look at the new blog Dabrah created just for flowers...mainly Roses!! I Drooled!!