Sunday, April 25, 2010

Never Again.....

Imagine the scene! We're out shopping...It's noonish. I innocently say to Hubby, "Hey! 'Wanna try out the new restaurant, Chuy's?"
"Sure, why not..." he replies.
So off we go on a new adventure in fine dining of which we've heard nothing but good reviews. The parking lot is FULL, we can hear Mexican music playing from the interstate...Hahaaaa...Oh yeah baby! We find a spot out near a goat or two in the back forty... and pile out of the truck anticipating a good meal! We SHOULD have known. Really. A young (we're talking nubile here) lady greets us at the door, screeching..."HI!! WELCOME TO CHUY'S!!" We should have turned around right there and then, but no, we continue into the lair. There are SIX, count 'em...SIX more infants at the welcome desk ALL welcoming us to Chuy' unison...all with those same screechy little voices. Do they practice that voice? In front of a mirror? Do colleges offer a degree for that voice? You know, like that penmanship they are so famous for?
We are seated. The waitress comes over and takes our orders...more screeching. The music is loud and has a rhythm that sets our teeth 'ta grinding with the beat! I look up to see...hundreds of hubcaps dangling over our heads. By this point our nerves are beginning to unravel, we feel the walls closing in...but we persist. The food MUST be great! There are just too many people...hummmm...they DO look youngish...College the tables.
FINALLY, our meals arrive and we take our first bite. needs LOTS of salt...We could be arrested for using so much salt! Dry...I'm talking "cracker" dry. We look at each other between LARGE gulps of iced tea, we look into each other's eyes...and smile. I recognise that smile...You know the one I'm talking about...The one that says, "You wait 'til we get outside..."LOLOL. The waitress again approaches our table offering more tea...No More thank you...Just bring the ticket...thanks.
The bill is quickly paid and we make a dash for the front doors to freedom. I swear, there's Another one saying goodbye to us now...I Think I could take her...she looks weak...but I don't get a chance. Hubby has Already made a dash to the truck and I Think he means to leave me behind! Gotta run guys...Prayers may be needed...Hahaa