Tuesday, May 20, 2008

She's Not A Happy Camper!

Well Crystal has the sore throat, snobby nose and the attitude to go along with it...Memorial Day weekend is coming up and it's no fun being sick on a holiday! LOL...I told her if she was still ill by Friday, she was to remain in the bed!! NO traveling to see the Beau...No visitors...Nothing, Nada!!....WELL...I tried. I guess I just don't have the Power anymore. You know about the Power? The look that says, be quiet. The nod of your head that says it's okay. The hand that points and they automatically follow. The keys to the car. The money....LOL. Geez! Anyone out there have any Power left??? I tried to squeeze my power pac and all I got was a burp. I cannot believe she thinks she's grown...Twit! Momma knows best??....right. Thirty four's not grown...WHAT??......Night y'all. I've gotta go find some power. Can't imagine where I put it!!