Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Same-o-Same-o and Voting

Nothing new here...same old stuff. We're still working on getting to know QuickBooks. I don't know who's winning! Cindra posted her new theme and date for the next Brenda Photo Challange! Go check it out! And sign up while you're there!!hahaa.....
Got the house sprayed by the Bug Lady yesterday...She said mice and rats were Really showing up Everywhere...didn't know why. I said it was..."early voting"....I think it went right over her head!...hahaa......Oh Well..Hope things are popping where You're at! It's Finally a little slower here today. Hope you all have a Fun and restful night or day. Hubby and I went and voted early this morning...Yes, I Care about Who you vote for, but I care even MORE that you just VOTE!! Happy day all!!