Monday, October 20, 2008

That Was Fun!

Well, "Old" turned out to be another fun challenge! I appreciate all your pictures and the time you put in, taking them! Thank You! Now we're off onto another fun Challenge! Cindra at Knits & Pics has kindly consented to hosting the Next Brenda Photo Challenge! Thanks Cindra! Just as Soon as I know her theme and date, I'll post it for you.
Nothing really new here. We kept William Saturday night...had lots of fun doing the movie marathon thing! Avatar was the cartoon series...little brat got Me hooked!Hahaaa....We also watched Indiana Jones newest movie, and an H.G.Wells movie called First Men in the Moon...then Men in Black and Men in Black 2....He loved Every minute and I ended up bleary eyed...hahahaaa.....Oh well, the things Gammas do for their sweeties!
So, it's now Monday and time to get moving. I'm still at home waiting for The Bug Lady rained to hard last week to get our quarterly spraying so we're trying again this morning. Hope you all have a Happy and productive day!!


Jeanette said...

Yes, I enjoyed the photo challenge too, I always do! Sounds like your little guy did a marathon movie watching night!

Brit. (lille meg) said...

I am sure you enjoyed having William. This photo challange seems to be exiting, and I can understand you have much fun with
Have a blessed week!:)

Brenda said...

It was a fun challenge, they're all so much fun for me and always a challenge.

We saw the new Indiana Jones movie too, I LOVE Indiana Jones and I don't care how old Harrison Ford gets, he's still a sexy old fart. :-)

Sally said...

So glad you had a great time with little Will. Enjoy the day. :)

Donna said...

Jeanette- He Did and dragged Me along!hahaa...happy day sweetie!hughugs

Lille- It Is fun Brit! You should join in with us! Happy night sweetie!hughugs

Brenda-Hahahaa....You Said it! I don't care How old he gets...I Love the voice!! Happy day Sugar!hughugs

Sally- we did...but all those movies....hahahaa....GEEZ! My eyes are numb!!hahaa...Sweet day little love!hughugs

Rosie said...

Just calling by to say hi Sweetie and hope all is well in your neck of the woods :)

Hugshugs Rosie x

Donna said...

Hi Rosie! Everything seems to be going ok...for the Moment!!hahaa...Happy Baking sweetie!!hughugs

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I love how you love your Grandbabies...Movie Marathon,eh...Ever since I had my kids I am too tired to even watch one in it's entirity!!
Though through the day recently whilst ironing my Boy and I watched virtually the whole Chipmunks movie...
Little one were sleeping.
Well good to hear you are doing well.
We need abit of rain...Been super sunny and warm.

Donna said...

How fun to spend time with a young'un! The photo challenge was great fun and I'm looking forward to the next one.


Kellan said...

A weekend filled with movies - that sounds like my kind of weekend!

Have a good week - Kellan

Donna said...

Cupcake-Thanks Sweetheart! It was a Long day, indeedy!! But, we had a good time! Happy night!!hughugs

Donna- Marty has been on the phone ALL afternoon...Pleading with me to let him come to My house while you're out and about!! He said ya'll didn't even Invite him to go along!! Sounds like I have a Good case to rescue him! Marty wants me to call RPS...(rabbit protective services)....I Must ponder this Extreme move!!
HAhahahahaaa.....Happy trip Girlfriend!hughugs

Donna said...

Kellan- Thanks Sweetheart!! Loved your post today!!hughugs

Dawn said...

Glad you had a nice Saturday with William. Lotsa movies!! LOL


Sharon said...

Missed the challenge as I was busy on holidays, but will definitely get back on board with the next challenge. Harrison Ford still has 'it' hasn't he? :-) Good to be back blogging, though it'll take me a while to blog my holiday.


jenn said...

My kids love the men in black movies, too. How was the new indiana jones? I haven't seen it yet. I just recently borrowed 4raiders from my mom, and ryan loved it, so I'm excited to see if he likes this one, too.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Donna, I loved the new Indiania Jones movie. When I went to the show to see it,I thought of you.
Great photos for the "old" challenge.
xoxo Nita

Jennifer said...

you are such a good grammie!! i'm sure that William loves spending all that time with you. :)

and by the way... can i ship my kids down to you for movie marathon night?? lol ;)

I love the music you have playing too. :) relaxes me.

have a great day!!