Sunday, October 5, 2008

Are You Ready?

Hello Everyone! How much fun was "Yellow"!! All the pictures were wonderful and told a Very Yellow story! Thanks Tabitha for hosting for us! It was great fun! Tabitha has now asked Me to host the next it is...Ready?

A) The Theme will be "Old".......Hahaaa!

B) The date will be......October 18th

The rules for the next hostess are as follows:

1. If you are chosen to host the next challenge, and you accept the mission, you must pick a topic for the next challenge.

2. It can be anything that floats your boat, but keep it clean.

3. Set the date (usually 2 weeks ahead to allow everyone to gather their pictures together). 4.Post the rules and the name of the next hostess on your blog (with links to their site) and the next hostess has to do the same!!

I'll let you know who will be the next Challenge hostess after I ask her....In the mean time, Enjoy hunting for "Old".......I can't Wait to see what you all come up with!!

And lastly....Just have Fun with it...


Brit. (lille meg) said...

But I don't like the halloween figure outside the house in your photo, I don't like halloween at all. It is a new thing in Norway, it is just a few years since it began in my place.
But your photo challenge is exiting. I am sure it will come a lot of pics for it.
Congratulations again, I hope you will get your little surprise during this week.
Happy Sunday to you!:)

Karen M said...

That sounds like fun! I thought of several ideas really quickly. It maybe difficult to choose which things to post. I guess I could start with a picture of myself. HA HA

Donna said...

Oh, I think I can do that challenge! Good theme!

Brenda said...

This one will be a little harder for me, I don't have much of anything in my house that's older than 6 years old. Time to go out and search. :-)

Donna said...

Lille-Hahaa....I'm Sorry! It isn't meant to scare you!! People look at Halloween different ways...To some, it's all about parties and others, it about celebrating All Hallow's Eve...celebrates the Fall harvest, communing with the spirits and praying for the dead. There's different things to celebrate for different people...Me? I just enjoy the spirits, giving, laughter...Bet you'll find something to enjoy as well sweetie!! Only been there for a couple of years?? Goodness...Happy weekend sweetie!hughugs

Karen M- I thought of a "me" pic also...Hahaa....Oh well...too easy. Have fun sweetie!!hughugs

Donna- Good!! We'll be looking forward to you pictures sweetie!!hughugs

Brenda-Hahaa....Well, wish we could hunt together But...Halloween and Old just seemed to go together...Happy day Sweetie!!hughugs

Anonymous said...

Oooo, good choice!
It's looking right spooky in here, ma'am! Halloween is my sister's favorite holiday. She even had a Halloween dress-up wedding shower!!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Great music and Halloween picture...m..

Donna said...

Jazzi- Hi Sweetie! Hahaa...not scared are 'ya?!!! You Know my favorite holiday...but Halloween is fun to! Happy day sweetie!!hughugs

Mary- Thanks Mary! Hope you're having a Wonderful day!!hughugs

Tabitha said...

Oooh!! OLD!! This is definitly going to be challenging ~ I had better get that camera ready!!
love and hugs XXX

Donna said...

Tabitha- Have fun sweetie! Thanks for hosting Yellow!!!hughugs

Dellene said...

Sounds fun Donna, can't wait to see the pictures :-)

Dell :) xxoo

Donna said...

Dell- Good! Why don't you join In??!!! You take Excellent pictures!! Happy night Sweetie!!hughugs

Cindra said...

I love the idea of old.... my mind is already going with this. Great idea!