Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Same-o-Same-o and Voting

Nothing new here...same old stuff. We're still working on getting to know QuickBooks. I don't know who's winning! Cindra posted her new theme and date for the next Brenda Photo Challange! Go check it out! And sign up while you're there!!hahaa.....
Got the house sprayed by the Bug Lady yesterday...She said mice and rats were Really showing up Everywhere...didn't know why. I said it was..."early voting"....I think it went right over her head!...hahaa......Oh Well..Hope things are popping where You're at! It's Finally a little slower here today. Hope you all have a Fun and restful night or day. Hubby and I went and voted early this morning...Yes, I Care about Who you vote for, but I care even MORE that you just VOTE!! Happy day all!!


Dawn said...

We have a bug man come every quarter as well. I voted all ready. I am not telling either. LOL


Tabitha said...

Just going over to check out the next photo challenge
Hope you are well,
love and hugs XXXX

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Glad to hear things are slowing down alittle and today you may get to exhale alittle....
I have a busy day today,Hubby has day off and I have a million errands to do,but will do so without kids in tow
Have a great day

Unknown said...

Hi Donna,

Trying to catch up with everyone. Glad the quickbooks aren't driving you crazy anymore. I really have to think about this new theme for the photo challenge, But that will make it a fun one trying to be creative!

Sharon said...

Will 'see' everyone at the photo challenge this round. Am back blogging and have put up the first installments of my holiday. Phew! Good luck with QuickBooks.


Sandi McBride said...

I'll probably trip over my size 9's trying to get in the voting booth to cast my McCain/Palin vote...and I love that picture of the kitten...I've got six I'm looking for homes for...don't suppose you'd be interested in a little fluffy grey baby?

Brenda said...

My bug man is sitting in the recliner and is getting lax on the job. Three little field mice have moved in with us, one of which ran over my foot while I was sitting on the pot this morning. It was not a pretty sight.

I'll vote November 4th cause I'm still swinging on the garden gate a little here. If I think about either one of the candidates too much I get all red in the face and pissed off so I'm procrastinating.

Donna said...

Dawn- Good Girl! Happy day sweetie!hughugs

Tabitha- Make sure to sign up!!hughugs

Cupcake- Happy errands sweetie!!hughugs

Joan-Hahaa...Yes, it's going to be a challenge alright!! Happy day!hughugs

Sharon- Hi Girl! Hope you had fun!!hughugs

Sandi-Hahahaa....Good Girl for voting....and I'd Love a kitty, but just not right now...Happy day sweetie!hughugs

Brenda-HAHAHAaaaaa....what a Picture!!
Get off that fence Girlie!!! Can you get the Rusty Humphries radio show there??(talk2rusty.com) You NEED to listen..We get it here from 8 to 10pm....EYE OPENING....Happy night!!hughugs

Brit. (lille meg) said...

I heard in Norwegian TV that a lot of americans already had voted. It is not long now to the election.
I am sure it is exiting for you.
We too can hear about this, and we see the candidates on TV.

Thank you for your nice comment to me. It is autumn, and we have had much wind and rain some days now.
Stay warm yourself.

dabrah said...

How many days do you get to vote in? We only get one day here, if you miss it, that's it. I hadn't realised that the voting had actually started. The news here has covered your elections, but I still don't really understand your politics.

Donna said...

Lille- Yes, they have Early Voting and hubby and I took advantage of it. The crowds and lines This year are going to be long! Stay dry sweetie!!hughugs

Dabrah- Early voting usually starts on Oct20th and goes through Nov 4th...that's the Official election day. They Know This election is going to be BUSY! Hubby and I voted Tuesday and the little voting place was Already crowded. It's CRAZY here!!! Never have I seen anything like it...We Use to have:
Independants....Now we seem to have:
Democrats...Liberal Democrats
Republicans.Liberal Republicans
Independants..Liberal Independants....Hahaaaaaa...GEEZ!!
Hubby & I are Republican. My parents were Democrats and if they could See what these new Liberal Democrats are doing they'd switch to the Republican party. Dad fought and lost Many friends, in WWII...They died for Our freedom...I can literally see all those sacrifices going down the drain. Scary times here...Stay happy and safe sweetie!!hughugs

Donna said...

We got our voting done last week! Hee-hee! Wouldn't miss it!

And we're BACK from our little excursion! Glad to see that Marty didn't run off and join the circus, LOL.

Donna said...

Donna- You're a Good Girl! And I Really hope Marty had something to keep him entertained while you were gone!!! Happy sleep sweetie!!hughugs

Faery said...

i LOVE the pic of the cat it just like me now...It is so weird how things work, it important for us who is the next president of the USA...I hope is not the one who wants to meet with the president of a buch of people in my country :D

1,000 faerie wishes said...

I promise you I will vote. I always do. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I hope you get your stuff done soon.
Sending you much love, Nita

Karen M said...

Think, I'll try to vote today or tomorrow. The early voting really is nice. I need to start pushing my adult kiddos to get their votes in, too. Thanks for the reminder.

We vote republican mostly for the moral issues such as pro-life and pro-family. Being in the tax business, I also see the benefits to the business man as well.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Donna, i would love it if you added me to your blog roll, thank you. love nita

Anonymous said...

Fabulous picture of the cat!!

CJ xx

Rosie said...

Oh I adore that pic Donna of the cat!!

Hugshugs Rosie x