Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seven Weird/Different things About Me MeMe

I was tagged by Dabrah to do another meme. So here goes:
1. I like sour cream mixed into my Chili.
2. I would love to travel to Egypt and "snoop" around in the Valley of the Kings.
3. I am a .... Trekkie....YES I AM!! LOL
4. My favorite colors are pink and blue.
5. If I had to decide between fried chicken or a sirloin steak, grilled to perfection? Fried chicken would win...
6. I believe in reincarnation.
7. I love popcorn flavored JellyBellys.
So there you are! If you want to do one, feel free to grab it and go for it! Here's hoping all is well in your world and you are safe and happy!

Can you Believe this Woman??

Can you Believe this Woman?? 84 yrs old?? Gives me hope! LOL...Anyway, I'll be back later to do a post that Dabrah has tagged me for...Is That Moaning I hear Out There??LOLOL..Don't worry, the only one I'll tag is Lyvvie!! You out there Girl?? Back Later!! Have fun watching the clip!