Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hello Again Sunday

So, it's Sunday again! Not doing a whole lot of anything today. I woke up at 8:30am...highly unusual!! Almost always, I'm up, on the weekends, by 6 or 6:30am but we had a disturbance last night at the shop...a burglar....again. Ken (office manager) called at 2:00am (burglar's favorite time) to say "It's happening again and I've already called the cops"!....Hubby races to get dressed and out the door he goes. Crystal and I watch from the remote, on our computer, to watch the drama unfold. We never saw the police arrive even though Hubby and Ken say they arrived earlier and had already gone. This jerk got in through the back end of the yard. BUT...I love it...we've got cameras everywhere. We did manage to get a picture of his face...he had one of those "hoodies" pulled up on his head. When he tried to get into the back warehouse door, we got a good shot of his face. He may have gotten away, but now the police have a picture of the guy. Copper is out of sight in price right now, but we haven't figured out yet if he got anything. Doesn't look like it so far. We'll see Monday.

Remember that loaf of bread I did a post on several months ago? Well, here's an updated picture of it...LOL...still no signs of it "turning".

And Hubby is making spagetti for dinner...gads, is it good. Crystal first announced that she would not partake of the feast...too many carbs...LOL...right. Now she says she'll be eating all those nasty carbs...couldn't stand it. I think the aroma got her.

So, Y'all have a happy and warm day today and I'll talk to you tomorrow.