Friday, January 25, 2008

Is It Failure To Launch?? LOL

If you want to see the trailer, go down to my music box and just shut it off!
I had SO much fun, at my daughters expense, yesterday! But, we do this on a fairly regular basis!! She is the apple of her Dad's and, my eye. She'll meet some one when She's ready...or "they" sweep in and sweep her off her feet! Either way, she knows she always has a home with us. No fooling...scout's honor!

Well, since it's now tax time, I really need to gather up all the information and package it for the CPA. What a chore. It's not so bad when it's all done but looking at doing the work gives me another ache where I don't need one! SO, I'm off to begin the chore and here's hoping you're all well and warm this evening!