Friday, April 9, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge (4-10-10) Black & White

A White Crepe Myrtle that was planted beside the bank that I do business with. I took this last year and am glad I Did! It's now Gone!! I noticed it just today. It was always so gorgeous!
Can you BELIEVE $130.00 for one of these White rockers??? I was shocked! I remember when they only cost $30.00!! Geez!
WHAT???Hahaaa....All Right Now!! You KNEW I'd have to have one of "those" pics in the Challenge!!! My Daughter, Crystal....Well, now that you've seen Mine...I'm on the way to see Yours!!Hahaa... And a Big Thank you goes to Donna of Cottage Days for this fun theme!!
Happy Saturday Everyone! I should have the NEXT Challenge posted by tomorrow on the Brenda Photo Challenge Blog!