Saturday, May 31, 2008

Window Day & Is She?

Well, it was "Installing the Window" day. The very last one! Thank Goodness it's done. The day started off cloudy so Hubby jumped to it. Had that window torn out in No time flat. Installed the new one and now we're good to go. I Love these windows because you can swing them down to clean. The old ones came on the house and were 36yrs old...geez. We've also got a guy, that works for us, coming next weekend to start the larger "honey do's" around here. Makes searching for someone to do the hard stuff just a little easier! The carport beams need scraping and painting...patio cover (wood) needs mending...House needs painting...on and on. We will buy the material and pay him labor.
Now, the "is she" part...LOL....Not That!!! Moving! Moving!!LOL....Long story short, Crystal is thinking of moving out to her own little home. We all had a long conversation about it last night and she really feels this might just be the right time for her to make the leap. She has had talks with the kiddos about it, especially Sami, who says although she loves Gamma and Gampa very much, she just wondered why they didn't have their Own home...(LOL...Will said he Wasn't moving...Until he found out the townhouse had stairs...little traitor)!!LOL...So anyway, she started looking today and has an expectant and happy aire about her...excitement! We're happy for her and the children. That's as it Should be. Hubby and I have told her we're here for her no matter what happens. This is her home. Always.

So, while eating dinner, the doorbell rang and it was my friend Ellani. She, Crystal and I had a fun visit with lots of laughs while Hubby called it a night. She's gone now and I remembered I needed to get Saturdays post if None of this made sense? I'm sorry! But I'm off to bed. Windows, mowing, working the garden..and all that darn laughing...I'm pooped! Night all.....