Saturday, November 15, 2008

And The Winner IS.........

Thanks Everyone for taking the time to enter my First Blog Giveaway!! It was Fun to do! Our sweet William helped with the drawing! I'll Also be doing a Christmas Giveaway so be looking for it in December!.....Let me see....What was I going to say.....Hummmmmm.....Oh Yes! The Winner...Let me see...where'd I put the piece of paper....Here it is!!! JUNIE!!! Congratulations Girl!! Now if you'll just email me your address to: I'll mail this package off Monday morning!
Hope your day is a Happy and safe one! Guess I'll get up and go find clean...Hahaaa.

The Brenda Photo Challenge

You have to put WATER in the pot for COFFEE!! LOL.....

Hubby helped me with the light effect....

He helped here to!

Hahahaaa....Can you tell....I Don't Go Anywhere???? Pitiful!!! So here's my "lame" excuses for Water!! Now I'm on the way over to see all of Yours!!!

Thanks Maria for hosting the Brenda Photo Challenge this time!! As soon as I find out who she asked to host the Next Challenge, I'll post it!!