Saturday, November 8, 2008

Well I Fixed The Problem....LOL

Well I fixed the problem alright....went out and did what "the government" said to do and spread the wealth around....I bought a new desktop computer...WHAT??!!! Well, I did!! Tired of that cheesy little laptop! Wanted some POWER!! CONTROL!! Well I got it...5gig...HP Pavilion Verde SE! They (a 12 yr old computer tech at Office Depot...just like the one Donna (TN) asked about their router problems) told me I needed to get a VISTA COMPATIBLE Router.....GEEZ!!! Ended up NOT being the problem after all!! (still using the old one) SO!!! BRING IT!! I'm READY!!LOL........We also moved the computer and my desk to the spare bedroom....Much Better!! I don't feel like I'm out in the garage anymore!! Thanks for all your comments while I was...pulling my hair out!!LOL....It's been a Wild last couple of weeks!! Hope you're all having tons of fun this weekend!! I'll soon be around to check up on all of you!! Hope you've behaved yourselves!!......right!! Hahaa.....Night!


jenn said...

I'm glad you're back!!!!! I've been missing you and your daughter like crazy! I see she posted twice this week. I'm kinda jealous of your new still have a few months until we can afford mine.

Big (((hugs)))

Dellene said...

Hey Donna I've missed you! congrats on your new computer sweetie. hugs & happy day's :-)

Donna said...

Can you say VA-ROOM?! Yeah baby, spread that wealth around! While ya still got it and before the tax code gets rewritten in January, LOL! It looks super-duper, and now you even have it in a better place. And that pimply-faced kid clerk was B.S.'ing you about the router having to be Vista compatible. Geesh, I hate when techie kids try to lie to us "mature" adults!

Jeanette said...

Hey that's a sweet computer. You'll love the big wide monitor screen!

Brenda said...

Yo! Spread some of that wealth around down here! :-) I'm so envious! After I buy James that dadgum shotgun for Christmas, maybe I'll start saving up for a new un.

Karen M said...

Congrats on the new computer! I've been so caught up in responsibilities that I haven't had much time for blog reading or comments or posting. I sure have missed everyone.

New computers are fun and lots of work getting them all set up just like you want it.

Donna said...

Jenn- Yes she Did!! I was surprised!! I've been poking her a bit!! Thanks sweetie!! Happy day!hughugs

Dell- hanks Girl!! I Do miss blogging when I Can't!!haha...Happy cooking!hughugs

Donna- VA-ROOM is IT!hahaa...and I second that on the tax codes being rewritten! Thar' she Blows!!haha...Happy day sweetie!hughugs

Jeanette- I Do like the big monitor! Saves my back from having to lean in to see the smaller screen!!hahaa...Happy day!hughugs

Brenda-Hahaaa...Hubby also went out and we're pretty safe here...geez...The whold set up I bought one at a time over the last few months! The monitor and keyboard, then the cpu...Better deals that way!! Bundeling the whole thing is really more expensive...I got all for a little over $800! Happy day sweetie!hughugs

Karen- Thanks Sweetie! I love it! It was worth all the hair pulling!hahaha....Happy day!hughugs

JunieRose2005 said...


Donna- you make me smile!! :)

WOWWOWWOW!! Neat computer!!


Donna said...

Oooooo, nice computer! I bet you're lovin' it!


Joan said...

Nothing better that a new computer is there?

Love your new template, ubber cool!

Nita Jo said...

Beautiful!!! That's what I need home! Maybe an early Christmas pressie?!? Hubby will probably frown at that request... Oh well, I'll just keep "peddling" as fast as I can to keep my old one going!

Glad you're back. I haven't been around too much either. Hopefully, things will settle by next week.

Nita Jo

Texas Travelers said...

I hope your wordpress doesn't throw this out. Do you have 1 router or 2. i.e., do you have a cable router (or DSL) and a wirless router?

What does you router look like? Is it cable or DSL?

Send me an e-mail.
troymullens at charter dot net.

I assume that you know that when you have router problems do the following.

1. turn off the computer
2. unplug the router (start with the one nearest the computer). Then unplug the one closest to the wall.
3. wait 30 seconds
4. plug in the power to the router closest to the wall (signal).
5. wait 1 minute until it locks.
6. if you also have a wireless router, plug it in and wait another minute (ignore if you don't have a second wireless router.
7. turn the computer back on.

It's not uncommon for the router to forget what its MAC address is.

Hope this helps.