Monday, February 2, 2009

New Blog Design on the Way!

Well, Good Monday Morning everyone!! How was your weekend? Hubby and I spent a pretty peaceful one...playing with our toys (him-XBox and me-blog, IPod, cleaning the computer out...). We read and ate and rested. It was nice.

Well, I'm having my blog "designed" by Jane over at Gemmak Designs. I've been enjoying Joan's at It's Always Something so I decided to take the plunge...(just click on the picture if you're curious about her designs). She is steadily working on the theme. She has answered every question I've asked, Quickly!!! I mean...Quickly!LOL...I think she must have a little bell on her computer that rings everytime someone sends her an email! I Love that about her! She doesn't keep you shuffling your feet! So, it should be ready Sometime this week...I'm not sure...I just, this morning, OK'ed the final product. SO, if you click here to read me and it looks Different....Hahaa....don't run...It's me!

Happy Monday everyone!