Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Can You Say Boring?

There has been absolutely nothing exciting going on here!  Unless you count Larry changing out the awful little sofa in the motorhome with two nice and comfy recliners.  He's also going to install another air conditioner in the bedroom so then we'll have two rooftop A/C's.  Here in Texas...in the Summer...one just isn't enough to cool things down during the heat of the day especially when you can't park under trees at a campsite.

 But I must say, we found a neat little site locally called Airport Park.  It was right by the lake.  
Of course I still got up everyday and went to work but it gave us a change from the daily ho-hum.

Back at the house, I whipped up some Italian Sesame bread...which was a great little recipe and extremely easy to make.

Sami brought her little Josie over for a visit to play with our Buddy and Libby.

 Here's Sam out at the lake with her boyfriend Everett, doing some fishing...She caught three in a row!
Well, that's been about it for now..lolol.Sorry!  Hope you all are staying safe and cool or warm where ever you might be...