Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Fun Challenge and an Award....

This is from my wonderful blogging buddy, Lille Meg! Thank you SO much sweetheart!! I really do appreciate ALL of my friends that I have made while blogging. Please feel free to grab a copy of this award...You All deserve it...from Me to You!! Happy night everyone!
PS-Wasn't the Brenda Photo Challenge FUN this time? Tegan has now consented to be the next host! Thanks SO much Sharon for doing such a Wonderful job on This one!! As soon as Tegan figures out What and When, I'll let ya'll know.

The Brenda Photo Challenge - Theme is "Play" (8-9-08)


1.  Christi and Crystal PLAY on their cell phones!!
2.  Music box PLAYS Christmas music!
3.  Gone With The Wind music box PLAYS....Tara theme

Blogger is giving me FITS!!  Spacing, editing the HTML, font size....What's going on??  Are any of You having troubles posting??