Monday, August 4, 2008

110 Degrees and a Hot Phone

Good Grief it's HOT!! I Know I love Summer, but this is a little Too hot!! Heat index: 110 !!! My poor plants are withering and the tomato plants produced...Nothing!! That's a never. I see on the weather map that there may just be a storm headed our way from the Gulf of Mexico....We are SO ready for it. Hopefully it'll cool things off a bit.

Well, the technology bug bit me again! Samsung's "Instinct" touch phone. My Smartphone...??? Can't See The Lettering without my reading glasses...GADS!!! Sliding keypads are Not for me. Those buttons are just too small as well! Can't tell you how many calls I've missed or messages I can't find!! I'm tired of trying to be a computer whiz kid...The KID in the store just looked at me politely as I stood there explaining (whining) why I didn't like my present cell phone...LOL...Should have seen his face! I then just stopped talking and decided to cut to the chase...I asked if they had a phone for "old" people...."Oh Yes mam...step over here"....The "Instinct" was calling my name. One finger navigation..."I'll take it"....It Is cool....Just move your thumb all Over the face of it. Takes you where you want to go!   I left the store a happy camper. NO Guessing!   Well, that's about it for today...Hope you're staying cool OR warm where Ever you are and I'll talk at 'cha tomorrow!


Donna said...

That's what I need! I can't see my phone either without my reading glasses.


moma grits said...

we got a little storm here yesterday and We SOOOOOOO needed it! The ground is still dusty even after the downpour we had.

Brenda said...

It was 103 here today and I don't even want to know what the heat index was,,,I know it was hot!

That's a sharp lookin phone ya got there. James needs one made from cast iron.

nonizamboni said...

Its been hot here, but its HOT where you are, bless your heart!
Nice new phone too.
Please stop by for another award.

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy, I'd better be checking the weather, I hope we won't be driving across Kansas in a storm. It seems we can't ever go through there without some kind of wierd weather.
That phone looks pretty cool, ma'am. But it sure doesn't look like something for old people!

Jim said...

Hi Donna, we will get that Tropical Storm Edouard will pay us a visit tomorrow around noon. We live north-west of Conroe by Lake Conroe (not on the lake).
I watch the tracks on Wunderground Weather,
Tropical Storm Edouard

Thank you for peeking at Ask Dr. Jim (blog), I post more often on JIM'S LITTLE BLOG and JIM'S LITTLE PHOTO PLACE. That Photo Place will do Wordless Wednesday tomorrow. The two overlap a little.

Amanda said...

Can i have a phone for old people!
You are not old Donna!
Wow, that's hot. Never felt heat like that before. I hope you get the storm and cooler weather that you and the plants need.
Amanda x

Tabitha said...

We have rain!! (AGAIN!!!!) ~ Our summer so far has consisted of a week of sun ~ then the rain came back!! YUCK!!!
Your new phone looks great ~ I love the idea of using the screen instead of lots of buttons!! I have not seen it over here in the UK but I will have to check it out!!
Hope you are well.

Brit. (lille meg) said...

Oh, poor you! It is not good when it is SO hot! You must be careful,go to the shadow. And remember to drink a lot of water!
And the mobile telephone,- it is too hot for that thing too....

Thank you for kind comment to me. And I am so glad that the translator works.

Jeanette said...

I like your phone. I recently got a iPod Touch, and although it's not a phone I have all my info in it like phone numbers, notes, and a calendar. It took the place of a calendar and a address book in my purse with about 1/8 the room! I love it! Hope you get cooler weather soon.

Donna said...

Donna- Go check it out! I think I'm gonna really like it!!hughugs

Jerri- That's the trouble with downpours! It doesn't get to soak in!!hughugs

Brenda- They make one for construction guys!! Go check on it..they're heavy duty!hughugs

Noni- Thank You!! I'll pop over in a bit to check it out!!! Thanks!!!hughugs

Jazzi- Be Careful driving sweetie!! Don't know how high up the storms will reach!hughugs

Jim- "Hunker" down!! Houston is Already geeting the rains! I'll check out your blog in a bit! Thanks!hughugs

Amanda- Tell that to my Eyes!!LOL...They're the first thing to go!!lolol....Stay cool sweetie!hughugs

Tabitha- Try looking for it...I Guess it would work on your service over there?!! Better ask! Send some of that rain here!!!lolol...hughugs

Lille- Will try to keep cool!lolol...Hard to do when all you want to do is get outside!!hughugs

Jeanette-Sounds cool!! This phone also has GPS! And live telivision...LOLol....Geez!!hughugs

Christine said...

The weather forecast keeps saying we're getting rain, but we're NOT! I hope for both of us we get something decent soon.

I'm not particularly old and I have a hard time seeing tiny buttons. My best friend brought over her blackberry to show me and I couldn't hardly see the buttons, let alone touch one at a time!

Dawn said...

I love your Instinct phone. They are just not for old people. I guess it's determined to what is old!! haha LOL

It is so hot here. It is 98 with a heat index of 103. I know there are hotter places than my space. But it sure feels hot to me!!

Have a great day and playing with your phone. Love you!

Donna said...

Christine- The clouds are just now rolling in....Praying there's something In them!!! Stay cool sweetie!!hughugs

Dawn- Hows your back?? Any relief yet? Hope so!! Yeah, it's the index heat that gets you!! Stay cool dear one!!!hughugs

JunieRose2005 said...

Very hot here...I can tell by my husband's sweat soaked shirt when he comes in side for something! haha

Me?? I'm staying inside until I recover from the trip a little bit! (As my mom would have put it...I'm down in my back , due to all the riding!)



Donna said...

Hi Junie! Hope you Enjoyed yourselves!!! That Riding Will flat start the aches!!! Rest Well!!hughugs

dlyn said...

Ugh - I have to shop for a new phone soon and I am not looking forward to it. Maybe I will see if I can find one like this. Thanks ofr the review!

Donna said...

Dlyn- You're Welcome! I'm already Loving mine! Happy day sweetie!!hughugs

Kellan said...

Yes - it is scorching hot here too and we are supposed to get some of that rain this afternoon - not yet though.

Stay cool - Kellan

Donna said...

Thanks Kellan! I keep looking UP....Nada...zilch...Where IS It!!!lolol.....night sweetie!hughugs

Unknown said...

Hi Donna,

I've seen that phone. My sister in law's boyfriend has it and it is cool. You are like me, I love gadgets, I really do. I've been thinking of getting a new phone too. It rained here all morning, we really needed it and it was a good rain. I like a good summer thunderstorm sometimes. Have a good evening. I'm babysitting the newest one while everyone goes to the ballgame. Poor doll baby has terrible gas pains today. Wish me luck in keeping her happy. LOL

Donna said...

I have the itouch and love it! Don't have a phone like it, but maybe someday. I want to wear out the phones we got now, LOL! Heck they are only 4 years old.

Have fun with your new toy. About time that they have cool stuff for old farts like us, huh?!

Donna said...

Joan- Awwww.sweetie has the gases!! There Is a gas neutrilizer for that! Ask a pharmacist though! It's been So long since we've had a tiny one, I've forgotten the name of it! You can get it at any large grocery store...Take care sweetie!!hughugs

Donna-LOL....Yeah, old fart is Right!! I Swear it was just yesterday that I Did Not need glasses!!!LOL...Happy night sugar!hughugs

Jeanne said...

Eekk 100! I'd just expire. We got some rain during the night and it's so nice I hated to get out of bed this morning. My husband would love your new phone, he's always complaining his is too small.

Donna said...

Jeanne- Tell him to go check them out! I Can't Stand not being able to see the numbers!!haha...Happy day sweetie!hughugs