Monday, March 25, 2013

I Ain't Dancing...

We ventured on down to San Antonio this past weekend to visit friends...Didn't do much.  We were escorted over to a community center for a silent auction and some fried catfish.  Not bad, seeing that the only good thing about the food was the catfish.  The rest of it?  Dry, mushy and bitter.  Not so good.  
I also know your minds are burning with the unasked
question...How Was The Auction?
Junk out of the bottom of people's closets...although I saw a guitar that looked promising.
Nope, hubby and I passed on writing our names by any of the items.  I have enough of my own junk.  I do think all the profits were going to a good cause though.  I just don't know what that "cause" was.
And all that dancing you see in the photos?  The announcer was screaming, the dancers were out of step...One woman "whipped" her partner (had to be at least 80) a bit too hard at the end of the line and the old man almost flipped on out of the pavillion!  WHAT?!!Hahahaaa.....Yes it was for a good cause...Yes those dancers are brave for doing what they do....NO, you'll never catch me doing it!!!Hahaaaa.....Ahhh well...all's well that ended well.  Now the dessert was pretty tasty!  A biscuit thingy with cinnamon and ice cream.  And NO, I didn't get a shot of it...because...I was Hungry by that point and it got Ate...quickly!Hahaaaa
Well, it's turned cold here again, 34 degrees this morning.  High only in the 50's today.  Can you believe it was almost 90 in San Antonio on Saturday??  I AM feeling grateful though!  It's Not Snowing!  That's a Great thing...I don't know how you northern states get through winters...Bless Your Hearts!Hahaaa
Now Go Forth and have a great day doing whatever it is that makes you happy...