Thursday, March 14, 2019

What Are You Waiting For....Use Those Dishes!

Castles and Ships of England by Johnson Bros

Blue Willow

Blue Willow by Johnson Bros

Pursuit by Noritake, Keltcrafe

Old Country Roses by Royal Albert 1962

Lunch...Hahaa...needed a break from hunting down all those dishes!

And checking out a squirrel hunting his lunch...

And finally, Larry needed a haircut...couldn't   wait!  Stormy!

I sat in the truck while an ambulance buzzed by... :O(

Last week, I saw a post about dishes at  Janice at Gypsy Farm Girl …. and how we should just start using those that we've all relegated to cupboards...china cabinets...the closet or the cedar chest (Hope Chest). She made a great point and made a ton of sense.  I've had dishes put up in different spots of my house, for years!  How ridiculous do I feel...No child of mine has my taste in really, anything!  SO, I don't think they are going to put them in their closets or cupboard after I'm gone!  The one set I have is really a hard to find pattern...Keltcraft, Pursuit.  $2500.00 now.  I have the six plate 30 pieces set plus teapot.  I may end up selling it.  Of course, it's only worth that IF you can sell it.  Who knows...Anyway, my point is...go look in your cupboards!  What do you see?  Why are they just sitting there?  You didn't originally buy them for investment, did you?  You bought them because you loved them...the pattern...the look.  Well, I for one am going to go for it...I'm 67 now...I think it's about time.
Stay warm or cool my friends!