Thursday, March 14, 2019

What Are You Waiting For....Use Those Dishes!

Castles and Ships of England by Johnson Bros

Blue Willow

Blue Willow by Johnson Bros

Pursuit by Noritake, Keltcrafe

Old Country Roses by Royal Albert 1962

Lunch...Hahaa...needed a break from hunting down all those dishes!

And checking out a squirrel hunting his lunch...

And finally, Larry needed a haircut...couldn't   wait!  Stormy!

I sat in the truck while an ambulance buzzed by... :O(

Last week, I saw a post about dishes at  Janice at Gypsy Farm Girl …. and how we should just start using those that we've all relegated to cupboards...china cabinets...the closet or the cedar chest (Hope Chest). She made a great point and made a ton of sense.  I've had dishes put up in different spots of my house, for years!  How ridiculous do I feel...No child of mine has my taste in really, anything!  SO, I don't think they are going to put them in their closets or cupboard after I'm gone!  The one set I have is really a hard to find pattern...Keltcraft, Pursuit.  $2500.00 now.  I have the six plate 30 pieces set plus teapot.  I may end up selling it.  Of course, it's only worth that IF you can sell it.  Who knows...Anyway, my point is...go look in your cupboards!  What do you see?  Why are they just sitting there?  You didn't originally buy them for investment, did you?  You bought them because you loved them...the pattern...the look.  Well, I for one am going to go for it...I'm 67 now...I think it's about time.
Stay warm or cool my friends! 


Lin said...

I agree! I have my wedding china, everyday dishes and Christmas dishes. I use all of them. In fact, the Christmas dishes come out the day after Thanksgiving and are used all the way up to January 1. Just makes the season fun.

Anvilcloud said...

Yeah. we have two sets that we don’t use. Good china is a thing of the past I think. For even our generation, never mind the next.

Out on the prairie said...

This is great because I discussed this this morning with a young lady who had 4 sets. She said she liked the decoration, but I told her they make a meal even better. I had 2 sets and gave them to decorate my kids homes, they never get them out and I used them while they were growing up.

Terri said...

I am decluttering my house in preparation for retirement. I've looked at my china a dozen times and wondered what to do with it. Just like several other pieces of memorabilia I own, I know my kids don't want any of it.

Ann said...

The only dishes I have that don't get used are a set that my mother gave me. They were my great grandmothers and I was told that they were at least 100 years old when my mother gave them to me and that was quite a while ago.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I do love dishes, Donna, and rotate them. My teacup collection gets used as I rotate them , also. I hope you're having a wonderful St. Paddy's Day! ☘️💚☘️

Jenny said...

I love stormy weather! My birth month (thank you for that lovely card, my friend xoxo) usually features lots of storms, but we've had nothing but clear skies since we got back from Baltimore a week ago. One of my favorite things about spring and summer is pop-up thunderstorms! As long as everyone stays safe.

I do not have dish sets stashed like you do; I wish I did. I adore dishes. Yours are SO lovely. I am so drawn to that shade of blue in your blue dishes but I have nothing in my house that's that color! I don't know why; I guess it's because to me, when blue comes in, everything else has to go out! I enjoy the teal shade, with white.

TG and I will celebrate 40 years wed in June and I told him that (in addition to a few other things) I want new dishes. Since 2002 we've been using irregular white dishes we bought at Big Lots when we moved to South Carolina. They're actually very pretty but I'm tired of those cheap dishes and I want all new, gorgeous -- but still white -- service for twelve. Can't wait to start shopping for them.


Sandra said...

You've got some beautiful patterns. I love the Blue Willow. We had that at home when I was growing up.