Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cake and Cameras...

Hope you all had a sweet and happy Easter.  We spent it at home, alone.  With the kids spread out all over Texas, it's not always easy to get together.  But we did get to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas together and they've been here and we've been there so I won't whine about it.
I did bake a cake though!  Carrot with cinnamon cream cheese icing.  I must say it turned out wonderfully.  And yes, you're remembering that I just said we spent YES!!!  We ate the WHOLE darn thing!!  Just me and Larry...I feel shame... ;0)
We also needed to buy a camera for the motorhome to mount on the dash.  It's a pretty neat little thing.  You can video and it'll record not only sight but sound...not so good, at least for my big mouth!Hahaa.
If someone were to cut us off I might be guilty of saying something nobody needs to thank goodness, it has a mute button!  It's a motion camera so if something moves, it records it.  Best Buy installed it.  Did a good and fast job of it...good people.
Well guess I'll come check on you...Enjoy your day!