Friday, January 24, 2014

Introducing Olivia, Pug Princess or Libby for Short!

                        Libby seems to sleep three quarters of the day!

                                                                 Aren't I just TOO CUTE???

BIG BROTHER BUDDY, He lubs her!!!
Samantha had to come play!  Libby is SO dark in some of the shots.  (Forgive the graininess of the shots.....all but one of these were taken on my IPhone so I had to figure out how to get them up into that Cloud so it would transfer to my computer.  Can't anything be easy anymore?)

Well, Hello everyone!  Yes, I know...almost two weeks....BUTT!!!!  I've been busy with my new sweetie pie, Olivia, Pug Princess!!Hahaaa....Libby for short.
Talk about fun....we have had a blast with her already.  We haven't had a new baby puppy in the house since 1992!  Talk about being rusty!  Couldn't remember how it was raising a new one, but it's an adventure....and we are enjoying it!
It also SNOWED here last night!!!  Well....maybe snowed isn't the right word.  Maybe "dusting" is closer to it.....but it is STILL cold!  I just do NOT like being cold......uggggg.
Well, best get this posted before you all give up on me.  Enjoy your weekend!!  
I'll be around shortly to catch-up with you!!