Friday, August 8, 2008

Brenda Photo Challenge is Tomorrow!! Ready?

The Brenda Photo Challenge is tomorrow!  I Finally got mine scheduled to post...last night!!..LOL...Geez Louise!!!  I got to work this morning, only to find my office Filled with balloons! (Don't know Why)....  Crystal and Christi worked Very hard to surprise me...They did!! LOL...I think the balloon sitting at my computer Does look a bit like me!hahaha...Thank You Sweet Thangs!!   I Love You to!!    Nothing else new about all.  I ran around yesterday like a crazy woman, looking for...Play...LOL...I Knew it was hiding here Somewhere!  They're not much but they are the Best my feeble brain could come up with.  I promised myself  I wouldn't gripe about the weather when it got hot again....Especially while I was So cold in February....Hahaha.....I Lied!!!  I'm whining....I know it...And I Know you'll cringe when I say it....I'm SO ready for December (see?  I Didn't say "it")!!!   So with that said, I'll creep back over to the sofa where I  find some Excellent reading awaiting me.  Happy Night All!  See you in the morning!!