Friday, December 14, 2007

The Mailman Cometh!

Does an Angel really get its wings every time a bell rings? You bet it does!!! My Angel arrived today and it's beautiful!!! Thank you SO much Blondie!!! She's sparkly and she's hanging on our tree as we speak!! I've never seen one made this way. Could I make one? NO way...The pictures do NOT do her justice. All because I posted the Three Things You Can Do For Someone Else Today banner...I love the banner and I love the Angel. Forever treasured!
Just got back in from getting the kiddos from the bus stop. It's raining so I carried the umbrella. I ordered pizza for them because Sami is having a friend over. I can hear them in the dining room giggling, laughing and generally having fun. William is in "girl" heaven. He's the loudest...too funny. LOL
Well, guess I'll get this posted. Try to stay warm and dry tonight.
Here's more useless info: A nineteenth-century advertisement for a McCoy sewing machine introduced the phrase "The Real McCoy" into the English language.