Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Did You See IT ???

Well, did you see it? The video, I mean! Of what? The GHOST.....or to nonbelievers....the plastic bag... Anyway, if not, click on CNN, scroll a little bit down until you see the "creepy something at gas station" video. It is something, and it's not a plastic bag! If it's a prank, which I doubt, it's a good one. FOX News put the story out early this morning. Funny, but I went to search their site and couldn't find it...hummmm. Oh well, what about you? What do you believe it is? Have fun watching.

Really trying to organize my menu for Thanksgiving...(yes I am to, Sally!) Hubby's doing two turkeys in the smoker. We'll take one to his Mom and Dad's for lunch and have the other, for all of us, for the weekend. We're closed Thurs and Fri as well as the weekend, so we'll need food! Now, I just need to think about what kind of salad to fix. What kind are y'all making? Fruit of green?
Well, behave yourselves this evening. Can't think of anything else so I'll see 'ya tomorrow.
Useless Info: Women started removing hair from their legs in 400 BCE. They either plucked them with tweezers or singed them with a flame.
(The Ultimate Book of Useless Info by N. Botham & The Useless Info Society)