Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pretty Day and Counting Down

It's turned out to be a really pretty day here. Highs in the lower 80's at least. We have the air conditioner running here at work! It was suppose to rain here but hopefully, it'll miss us. Won't know until later this evening when the sun starts to go down.
I've been checking my packing list...lots...LOL. Hopefully there won't be anything left behind that we really need. I've got my small suit case on the bedroom floor, and as I think of things to take, I toss it in and then cross it off my list.
William is suppose to have a game tonight...If the field isn't wet...and if it doesn't start To rain again. We'll see. He did very well, his last game, and said he really enjoyed himself. That's all that counts at his age. Happiness.
Guess I'll get back to checking that list again...lol... And, No, that's not where we're staying...but it Does look interesting!!LOL....Y'all have a wonderful evening and I'll talk to you tomorrow!