Monday, February 16, 2009

Fireball over Texas and Oink...Oink

Good Lord...This is NOT the actual picture of the so-called fireball that fell just 30 miles North of us here in Waco, Texas, but it's the Closest I could find. It landed in a field 60 miles south of Dallas hence, 30 miles North of Us...Geez! I heard the sonic boom and just thought it was military maneuvers on the Fort Hood reservation....There is No crater and "they" still don't know What it was...We'll probably Never know the truth...whether it was pieces of those crashed satellites (US & Russian) or some poor ET...LOL...

And How 'bout Senator Burris!!!Hahaaaa....It just gets Better and Better...Come On 2010!!! ReElection Day! I listened all weekend about how President Obama was in such a Huge hurry to get the play money bill On his desk by he Needed to get it it's going to be Tuesday???? Princess Palosi left on "we the peoples" jet to Italy...had to go to a meeting...for 8 days...and the President and the Mrs. went to Chicago for a Valentine, 3 day weekend....SO, I'm sitting here Wondering Why the Big hurry to get the bill voted on and on his desk.....I wonder how many people lost their homes and jobs over the conservative was allowed to read all 1100 Time!
By the way....can anyone say...PORK? Which reminds me...We had pork for lunch Saturday, and I Promise there were no Earmarks on it....Anywhere.