Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Woke UP this Way!

...I woke up this way...I did...Seems like the More I do, the LESS I get done! Jobs are coming out of the woodwork, I Swear it! I'm seriously trying to find my mojo...It's around here somewhere.
I also called the phone company...AT&T!!! I no longer need the flippin $30 "don't call, no call, who are you call, hide the call, find the call, I don't Want to call" package... The woman ended by saying "Well, Thank you Mrs Pi**ed Off, you've just saved $17 dollars on you phone bill..." I hate math...but I Need math so I USE math. I cancel a $30 dollar package and I end up saving $17....I told her (after a BIG hearty laugh) "Oh yes! I forgot! I need to pay all those Universal Taxes for crackheads to have cell phones..." No problem. I Give UP! You could "hear" her smiling on the other end of the line...And then she says the line we all hate to hear..."You have a nice day...!" HAhahaaa....THEN! I call Direct TV to DUMP the HBO useless package...You Don't want to know how THAT went! Lets just say, when I say "I want to cancel the HBO package", it does NOT mean that I want to ADD Anything Else!!! GEEZZZ!!!!
I think I'll just go into the bathroom and check my ears again...I think they've turned red by now...I need pie...Chocolate pie. You have a nice day now...Hahaaaa....