Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Trolling!!

Good Morning Everyone! Woke up to howling northern winds and lower temps...It was 81 here yesterday and right now, it's 55degrees (8:30am). They say it might make it to 70 but I won't hold my breath! SO, I've been "blog trolling" again!LOL...WHAT? I've found...Somewhere...and saved in my blog roll, a blog that tells you how to Make-your-own...Everything!! It's wonderful! We All know that All the products that we buy in the store are Full of stuff that if we "knew about", we'd run Screaming from the building!!! "down-to-earth" has it all! Food, crochet, soap making, dish detergent, cleansers...It's a neat site to just sit with your coffee and explore on a lazy Sunday afternoon! So enjoy it...In this "lean season", she gives Great to form a budget as well!

So, enjoy your Sunday...and know, how Much I appreciate you All!!