Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cinnamon and French Bulldogs...'re allowed to be shocked...two post in a matter of days...I get it.  But I just knew you'd want to know that on Saturday, I had a wonderful breakfast of onioned scrambled eggs...curtesy of Larry.  He also took us to the famous Walmart for essentials. if in my heart I knew he'd provide more entertainment for us, we ended up at Lula Jane's for cinnamon rolls, bacon and cheese scones and coffee.  But the piste de resistance (great French, hey?)  were the two French Bulldogs.  Very friendly and super nosey...The one on the right just stared at me...continuously.  He wanted my cinnamon roll.  I know he did.  He tried exercising a "mind meld" maneuver on me...I felt the power of it!  And just as it was beginning to work, Larry saved me by exclaiming it was time to get moving!  Saved!  I stuffed the last of the roll in my mouth, gulped the last of my coffee and we split!  Geeezzz louise! 
Here's hoping your weekend has been filled with exciting plans...The action never seems to stop here!