Monday, April 20, 2009

I Made Detergent....I DID TOOO!!LOL...and it WORKS!

I found this blog, The Beehive Cottage, (I saved her to my blogroll) where she made her own laundry detergent! Suppose to save you tons of's suppose to cost about 3 cent a load to do...SO, Hubby and I got up, went to town and got all the ingredients, came home and put it all together and then I went in search of something to wash!! I'd done all my laundry yesterday, so I had to search...AhHaaa!! The dog's bed!!Hahaaa....Corky was NOT a happy camper! In I throw the doggy quilts, I measure out three tablespoons of detergent into a small bowl and add hot water (I have a front loader and it needs to be liquefied). I pour it in...I ALSO add one half cup of VINEGAR to the rinse cup as a softener and turn the machine on! And what do you know??? It WORKS!! I was very pleased with the results and the vinegar really Does work as a softener! With the price of Downy and Tide these days, you need all the new ideas you can get!!
Happy Day or night everyone!!