Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sorry! It's Been Busy 'Round Here!

Grilled Chicken Thighs with Fontina Cornmeal and Lima beans were on the menu over the weekend...OK Now! Don't turn your noses up!!LOL...What in the World is Fontina Cornmeal, you say? It's Delicious! Fontina cheese melted in hot cornmeal...salt and pepper...a few chopped green onion. You can even let it get cold...slice it up and fry it. We have it at breakfast or supper!
That big old Green Egg grill is Nice! Yes Soul! It was a Great investment! I may even learn to use it!LOL....NOT! Hubby does a great job!
Well, it's been pretty busy around here lately! End of the year job stuff. Also, yearly Insurance audit...someone NEEDS to come clean my office...HAhaa...Lordy! Looks like hell in here! Ripping through files and such, trying to locate this and that...Hahaa...Now it needs to all be put UP again! Then there's the yearly dental, doctor...blood work appointments to get through. What a pain...I Swear! If I didn't Need my thyroid meds, I would only go every couple of years! What a racket! Yes, there's lots of reform needed in health care, BUT...Don't lets go Nuts with it!
Well, guess that's all the juicy news I can come up with...Hope you all are having a Wonderful day! It's cold and rainy here...