Friday, October 23, 2009

What's On The Menu This Weekend?

We had this Last I've got to figure out how to top it This weekend!Hahaa...Hubby grilled it on his new grill (The Egg) and it turned out really tender and juicy. We do like our steaks. Well, it's Friday! Hopefully another "do nothing" weekend. We've been doing a lot of computer cleaning (files) this last week or so and I had to install our QuickBooks UpGrade. Wasn't hard and it Worked without too much of a hitch except when I print checks I get an error message about font size...Still prints them but in LARGE size...I'll figure it out.
Well...Hope you all have a great weekend! Just behave yourselves!Hahaa...right!


Sally said...


You're such a tease!! Now, hot dogs don't sound quite as good. I'm gonna check my freezer!

Have a good, relaxing weekend; you deserve it!! ((hugs))

Jeanette said...

That steak looks juicy and delicious!

nonizamboni said...

Oh yum! Can't wait to see what you cook today. I made my first roast of the season in the crockpot yesterday--heavenly!
Have a wonderful weekend--xoxo

SOUL said...

omg! that looks sooo goood!
don't you love your big green egg??
we have one. nothing in the world tastes so yummy as somethin comin off an egg !!

i wanna see what you eat next teeewwww. be sure to show us!

i told soulman a while ago, i need a steak tonight for medicinal purposes! :)) never fails :))
i'm skippin lunch to save room for it. bwa hahahahhaa.

happy weekend and lotsa HUGZ

Donna said...

SallyGirl- HotDogs?? Heat the buns..slather on mustard...load the dog...then cover with sauted sweet onions!!! Now That's Eating!!hughugs

Jeanette- Thanks Girl! You have a great weekend!!hughugs

Noni- Boy, That sounds good TOOOOO!!! Now I can't make up my mind what to fix...HAHAHahaa...I'm So Weak!!!hughugs

Donna said...

Brenda! Y'all have one too? Aren't they great?!!! The food IS juicy! Don't know How that happens but it Does!!!
You have a great weekend too!!hughugs

Ann said...

oh my that looks good, my stomach is growling as I'm drooling in front of the screen :)
How am I supposed to have a great weekend if I have to behave

Have a great one.

Janice said...

My mouth is watering!!! That looks sooo good!

Have a great weekend!

Anvilcloud said...

Our grilling is done for perhaps six months. It will soon be covered with snow -- not too soon though, I hope.

bichonpawz said...

Well....I'm going to have to recheck my freezer too! That steak sure looks great! We, too, are done with grilling for probably six months...

WR said...

What a delicious photo! Have a great week end - do nothing sounds PERFECT to me!!!

Donna said...

Ann-Hahahaa...Alright! But don't you get into TOO much trouble!!hughugs

Thanks Miz Butterfly Girl!! You too!hughugs

AC-OhNo...Six months of that white stuff...Hope you went out and got a snow blower for this year!!hughugs

Jeanne- I Do Not envy you all that cold weather! At least down here we get a few breaks from it! Happy steak hunting!!hughugs

WR- Thanks Sweetie! I plan on it! Hope yours is peaceful as well!!hughugs

SOUL said...

well? where's the pix??? i wanna see what y'all ate.
or was your hubby too tired to fire up the egg?

i get that too-- and it can be sooo disappointing. even a darn kielbasa (?) tastes like a delicacy on an egg!!!

so anyhow-- i got my outback last night-- couldn't finish it tho :(( but there's leftovers -- that will be fought over today-- i'm sure :))

i always give in though and give it away. unless hubby cuts it up and makes green chili-- steak and scrambled eggs with it-- oooh yummy.

anyhow-- hope your saturday is fun for you-


SOUL said...

ps-- if you haven't had a brisket on your egg yet-- get a fire under that mans booty--- you've never had anything like it!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I want to come for dinner Momma Donna..Smile..
Sending you lots of love and wishing you a great weekend.

Love Nita

Donna said...

YUM! I'll have the steak and Marty will have the veggies!

jazzi said...

Mmmmm.... steak! Looks good! Now I have to figure out what to do for our supper tonight, don't have any steak in the house. I think that's the worst part of cooking, trying to figure out WHAT to cook!

Faery said...

YUUUMMMM, that is a great idea for serving corn that way I don't have to sort of play hockey with my corn on the plate.
that looks really yummy :9

Brenda said...

Mmm that looks good and I don't even care for steaks! What's on the menu for this weekend?

Dick said...

Mmmm, it looks tasty, yes will behave myself, hahaha.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Mmmmmm....Nothing like a great cooked steak!

The Urban Cowboy said...

I knew I should have visited before the weekend started...maybe than I would have taken your advice and behaved...naw!

SOUL said...

where are you?
do you realize--
you made me get a steak
AND go fishin :))

or should i say (get to)

happy monday

we all want to know what you ate! :))
do tell

hugz to you